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Special features


AviWorlds grid has a strong community and is always full of people for you to meet and find new friends, love and much more!

Stronger & Powerful regions

Having a big party? Well Avi-Labs servers are well tuned and we never over sell our machines. Our regions are strong and stable ready for your huge parties!

Giant Regions Available

AviWorlds offers a variety of region sizes and including our giant regions usually 4 or even up to 100 times the size of a regular 256sqm x 256 sqm region.

Its your world your dreams!

You are free to imagine and feed your imagination in AviWorlds! Anything is possible; its up to you!

Share the big news

Share the big news with everyone! AviWorlds is 100 % compatible with Second Life Grid.

Free Land

AviWorlds offers free land for all new residents! 4096 sqm parcels full of prims so you can learn, test the waters and more!