Create your busines in aviworlds

Land Business

AviWorlds economy is set in a way so that Land Barons can establish their land rental business. Private region owners are allowed to create their own estate covenant with their own rules, subdvide the region in parcels also allowed.

Our private region prices are set with that in mind making it so the majority of residents will look for smaller parcels to rent. Start your land business today be one of the pioneers.

Apparel Business & accessories

Now it is a perfect time for an apparel busisness in AviWorlds. We are currently offering a huge discount for residents who are creators and want to open up shop in AviWorlds! shoes, hair, women's clothing, men's clothing and more! 

Shapes, Skin, Mesh

Mesh skin business, shapes and more! Get your store going today! Contact us to find out about a huge discount for uploading and more!