Avi-Labs Region servers/Quality & Power

Avi-labs guarantees quality and lag free environment for AviWorlds regions.

5 regions per server only.

Server stats: 32 gigs ram, 8 core pcu, 2 disks minimum, 250 mbps.

The pricing below was carefully calculated so that the grid's land markets are well balanced. Land Barons need to be able to offer land for rent so that the land markets in the virtual world are correct and well valued.


Private region 1

Private region 1, 256 sqm, 15000 prims. 100 residents max. 100 USD per month.

Private region 2

Private region 2, 256 sqm, 20000 prims. 100 residents max. 125 USD per month.

Private region 3

Private region 3, 256 sqm, 25000 prims. 100 residents max. 135 USD per month.

Private region 4

Private region 4, 256 sqm, 30000 prims, 100 residents max. 145 USD per month.

Private region 5

Private region 5, 256 sqm, 35000 prims, 100 residents max, 150 USD per month.

Super Giant Regions

Super giant regions can be from 4 times the size of a regular region all the way up to 100 region. We do not recommend 100 region size. 64 is more stable. Prices and prim amounts can be customized according to your desires and need. For pricing please email Avi-Labs at arpholdings@gmail.com

How to do order & important information

So you decided to own land. Please follow the instructions below.

1 - Once you have decided which type of region you want please go to the paypal button below and choose the one you want via our drop down menu.

2 - Please if possible include as much information as possible in the paypal instruction field. Avatar name, name of the region and the name of the avatar who is going to be the owner of the estate.

3 -All regions will be placed online within 24 hours or less and in the order it was received.

4 - Region subscriptions are not refundable so please before you order and pay make sure that is what you want.

5- Please let us know if you no longer wish to renew your subscription. 

6 - All regions are given a 7 day grace period for payment to be made after the due date. Just in case.

7 - If payment is not received after 7 days grace period; it will be shut down. No back ups or OARS will be given until the payment has been received.

8 - OARs ( region back ups) are charged $5.00 per oar sent via google drive to the estate owner's email.



Free Land Program

AviWorlds does offer a free land program.

Anyone can obtain one of our 4096 sqm  parcels with limited permissions. These parcels currently can hold 1250 prims each but not for long. Once the two regions are filled we will offer parcels with only 500 prims each.