Creating your own virtual world

Avi-Labs Premium Hosting Services for virtual worlds

Over ten years experience offering the most comprehensive virtual reality world hosting services.

Avi-Labs will host your virtual reality world and manage it .

A virtual reality world is a serious business .

Avi-Labs hosting is not for everyone and is only accepting 5 new customers until January 2020.

  • Services 
  •  Server configuration
  • Data base configuration
  • The latest opensimulator version available + Avi-Labs special configurations no other grids have.
  • Search, Money Module and  (registration panel)
  • 2 server 32 gig ram, 8 core, 4.4 ghtz. included. 2 T. sata or ssd
  • Locations: Ca, IT, GE, FR.
  •  Fee - $500.00 per month. This includes two servers. SSD add $100 +
  • Fully managed by Avi-Labs. All you do is focus on your world and marketing if you need it.
  • Central Grid Service + Welcome region and up to 15 regions extra.
  • Extra servers available at $250..00 p/month.
  • Two windows server platform keys.

Grid Server Configuration

server 1 - Central Grid Services + all the modules, welcome region.

server 2 -15 regions.

 The $500.00 fee incluses: two 32 gig ram servers, grid services installation, region installations, 2 windows server keys,  data base installation and all the needed applications, auto backup system installation, money module installation, search module installation, monitoring, data base managing and repairing, oar placements and all the above system's managing and monitoring. 

Professional website can also be created for a separate FEE of $500.00 this does not include the website hosting fee.


Why us? Why our price?

Simple! We care and we will give you the best! We will not oversell a server like some do plus we have the knowledge and experience.

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Lets Talk

  • A minimum of a 1 hour coaching call w/ Alex Ferraris is advised not obligated. Click the button below (coaching call) and if you are serious about it lets talk. Not available forever!

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